In 1573 the Siege of Alkmaar occured, during which the local administration got lost; we start somewhat later, in 1589 :


Gravestone of Frans Jansz. IJpelaan, merchant of horses (Witte Kerkje, Heiloo), 1680 :

Gravestone 1680

 For those foremost intested in unraveling the hystorical myths, see to start with :

  • The Egmond’ sources, after a century there is no ‘controvery’ left; the ‘bella diplomatica’ was already settled in 1940, and since it has been messed up;
  • The archeology, with the exemple of Limmen, on how real archeological findings are enclosed into an ‘esoteric’ framework;
  • The Runxputte, on how easy myths come about, when barkeepers and pastors decide to them;
  • Engelmundus of Velsen, one of the three apocryphal early-mediaeval saints of Kennemerland, the others are Willibrord of Heiloo and Adelbertus of Egmond;
  • The counts of Holland came in the Twelfth Century from Ghent; earlier, ‘Holland’ was an inhabitable marsh, where hardly anyone dwelled.

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Historical Sources and Myths of Kennemerland
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‘De Krocht is doorwrocht !’ A Report of Excavations from Limmen

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Het huis IJpelaan te Heiloo
«At Nieuburg or Ypelaen in the north-east of Heiloo»
The old house Nyenburg, by J. Stellingwerf, [1740, redated to 1725], unsigned, paintbrush in grey, 153×194mm
(Regionaal Archief Alkmaar, catalogue number PR 1001254, click on the picture for an enlargement in a new window)

«A simple square living house of only minor layer placed under a pavilion roof and surrounded by a moat (over which a seperate small gate building closed the entrance) as well more inwards by a plantation of some size.»

De twee Nyenburgen bij Alkmaar / J. Belonje. – Wormerveer, 1956. – p. 38.

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